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Re: Ki energy defined

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
General Relativity did nothing of the sort. In fact Newton's gravity equations are derivable from the equations of General Relativity and NASA routinely uses Newton's equations when calculating mission trajectories. In fact, Newtonian mechanics is perfectly applicable to most material object interactions that do not involve very high energies.
Newton's math is still good, yes, but Einstein showed Newton's understanding of what gravity is to be incomplete.

This is all really beside the point, though. Corky is making some pretty bold scientific claims, and scientific claims require (a) falsifiability and (b) evidence. Without these two things, Corky is essentially just saying, "This is what I believe," and that's not how science works. Corky either needs to get out of the atoms and biology business or start making falsifiable claims that are supported by evidence.
Maybe, maybe not. Either way it's still good advice.

I repeat: if I'm wrong, please explain how. Your current stance seems to be that after a long time in aikido, people naturally come around to your correct way of thinking, and that therefore you are not burdened with explaining yourself. That's a pretty quick way to kill a conversation. I'm happy to listen, but you're giving me nothing to listen to.