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graham christian
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Re: Ki energy defined

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
I guess, Graham, that I'm just not interested in exchanging one form of symbolic metaphor for another. The consistency of knowledge down thru the ages is often masked by the fact that symbols representing that knowledge are continually morphing.

True, but such is life as you use symbols all the time to represent all ideas and understandings so actually there's no escape if one desires to communicate.

What is binary code but a language. Science has found it to be a very useful one. Science has found this language very useful in not only transmission but also practical use and search and discovery.

Of course from the viewpoint of using in order to understand then it depends on if you like addressing things from that standpoint.

Just one and zero....I use to help students understand part of Aikido and very successfully too.

I can use many in existence things too like basic rules of electricity to help students gain a better understanding. I'm sure you use various analogous or symbolic things too.

Correct feeling is good, beneficent intention is good, to me all part of the thing known as Aikido.

I don't need scientific back up or scholarly agreement or references to who else said so to understand and see their pertinence and viability.

It's all good