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Bruce Baker
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Obviously, you have something in the back of your mind that needs to be satisfied.

I would try not to log on during work time, but eventually, (rolling stones quote) "You don't always get what you want, you get what you need."

I understand the journey of trying to make sense of the etherical spiritual ramblings that are based upon the experiences of the real world. Each person must find the logic of learning the illusion of the magicians secrets while being able to understand the science of how things work. Give it time, don't rush about, it will happen.

As far as being an addict?

Well, I made a decision to never smoke at home thirty years ago, and just like getting sucked up into being an addict of any passing phase, the creation of a valve, a firebreak that allows you the room to separate yourself from something that becomes an addiction is a wise move.

What ever it is that drives us to communicate, to check out the Aikiweb, I guess it is something that has to be indulged with moderation, and some control.

There are some very interesting people who cross paths here, and to agree or disagree is not usually the point ... the point is to get involved if you have something to say.

I say, you can always tell a wise person by the amount of mistakes they have made, and the way they have learned from them.

So, welcome.

But ... don't get in trouble at work for checking in. Your job is your livelyhood, and this forum should be the hobby.

Unless you can retire, then who cares.

(you could put a prompt on the work computer that limits your time, then "Bad Dog!" could be voiced after two minutes?)
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