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graham christian
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Re: A little story about Ki.

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Binary is a reductionist model and a convenient way to describe a reality that is not binary. The voltages that are used in electronics systems where binary is used have values that are neither 1 nor 0. In fact, there's no hard and fast reason why binary has to be the basis of electronics - the possibility of ternary systems was explored as well, maybe more. Binary became the consensus model as a matter of convenience and ease of implementation, not because it embodies some inherent universal truth. It doesn't.

No, it isn't, and no, I'm not.

You frequently make admiring references to Buddhism, so I wonder how you reconcile your "All is based on 1 and 0" with the Buddhist teachings on equanimity.
Sorry, don't agree. All I can say is "You'll be surprised".

Buddhist teachings? They fit well and it also fits with yin and yang.

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