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Re: A little story about Ki.

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Really? You may expand into various meanings but I am talking wisdom and base logic. Binary is 1 and 0 and that's it's fundamental principle.

You are therefor basically one and zero, something and nothing. All is based on 1 and 0.

Then of course and thereafter there are eight directions

The 1 and the 0 are arbitrary.It is far more correct to say on and off for primitive computers or logic-high and logic-low for modern computers that use two-state logic. Three-state logic is also used, with the third state not actually being a logic level but an uncontrolled condition. Two and three-state logic systems are used because they are simple and easy, not because they are the way the world works. The world and the people in it are far more analog.

Why aren't concrete metaphors and analogies for spiritual things more precise? Why must we use metaphors and analogies to explain spiritual matters? Why are they so dang subjective? Why is spiritual wisdom so inconsistent between cultures, between individuals?
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