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Re: Hakaru Mori on the Aiki of Tenouchi

Thank you, again, Chris and nice finds!

If I read them through my lens there's two different types of applications being discussed 1) the external parts to move to make the correct shape 2) the internal parts to move to make the insides (tendons, bones, muscle) move along the joints to make the correct shape. Then verbiage about what you're doing to yourself versus what you're doing to yourself to do to someone else.

One of my suspicions is that the taiso that's practiced acts basically as a set of qigongs - this coupled with learning to steal the correct feeling from your seniors is actually the basis for how the set of internal skills gets passed on. As usual, there's no way to tell the level of complexity, sophistication nor completeness --> but it's fascinating that such importance gets placed on a thing with so little indication of the how's and what's.
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