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Re: What is Aiki? Introduction to a method of analyzing Aiki. (Part 3)

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
Okay then.

Anyone else want to actually discuss the topic?
Not much really to say other than I very much liked both articles referenced. I think we're still working somewhat "in the dark" as we struggle for a vocabulary that satisfies both the subjective impression of what *some* are doing along with our more analytically oriented "scientific" western mindset. But I do think both articles point strongly in the same general direction and are helpful to those who have spent the time to work and develop the skills even though the outline we have is grainy at best.

I posted on Chris' referenced page about the usage of the word "tenouchi" and I didn't feel it necessary to expand here. But the basic point is that *if* we decide to read the word in terms of a more active descriptor of a feeling/movement derived from traditional sword arts (the slight "wringing" action of gripping a katana) rather than just as a physical location on the body (hands/palm/etc.) I think one can read the subsequent article and see there might be a lot more there than the author is being given credit for. Much like the feeling imparted by doing asagao (well, done "in a certain way" rather than just the outward manifestation only) tenouchi could be used in this instance to refer to an active, long, full body connection methodology including a spiraling/wringing movement to ensure that there is no slack throughout the connection.

But it's all speculation.

And my quote that was reposted here was to a totally unrelated thread.

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