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Re: What is Aiki? Introduction to a method of analyzing Aiki. (Part 3)

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
Graham, are you saying other people make up things to reinforce their world view or responding to accusations that you are guilty of that?

Regarding the topic. I'm not as quick to dismiss either article referenced as I think both try to explain the Jin as an expression of ki/qi via optimizing the ground/gravity strengths. The second article tries to at least reference the body connections/technology (though I think it's too surface to tell if there's any real understanding). I think the Dantien reference is incomplete because of its dependence on the body connection side of things that it leads me to believe that the full picture is either not understood or intentionally withheld - could be either one.

But I think it takes an important step forward past the former article in that it indicates there's more going on than Jin and applications of Jin.
Budd, responding to the latter.

The 'aiki' I know has no relevance to this thread so I have no comment.

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