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Freaky! AA-Aikiweb Anonymous :)

Ian Hurst (happysod) wrote:
It seemed so innocent at the time…

Years ago, I would occasionally surf the forums in aikiweb, about once every 2-3 months. About a year ago, I noticed I was looking every month. Not a problem I thought, I can stop anytime… Now, I've registered and I find myself an addict!

First, it was once a week, now I can barely stop myself going in every day, even at work. I found myself adding comments to threads, contemplating how I'd answer these questions -- where does it end?

Will I become a full forum addict? Committed to the greater use of smilies, obscure MA quotes and long rambling discussions. Can I choose my style of addiction - nice open minded attendee, nasty macho guy? Do I have to choose my forum enemies now or can I just wait for them to appear.

Please help…
My name is Larry.... I too am an Aikiweb forums addict.

Everyone: "Welcome Larry"

(takes a chair amidst the applause and support of others who have also lost fortune, job, relationships, personal wealth, internet accounts and most importantly... training time due to this debilitating, yet mentally stimulating addiction)

The spirit is willing, but the body is ohhh so weak

--Mushin Mugamae - No Mind No Posture. He who is possessed by nothing possesses everything.--
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