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Re: What is Aiki? Introduction to a method of analyzing Aiki. (Part 3)

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In fact, worse still, I like double blind tests.
Is this like get a blind person to poke another blind person in the eyes? kinda sick but could be fun sort of thing.

Here's the attempt of a straightforward explanation and sober analysis written by a woman who had apparently dedicated a good part of her entire life to the study of Tai Chi as a martial art. None of the usual unintelligible sometimes rather uninformed stuff, which is not logically deductible and has never been concretely verified. What do you think of it, in comparison to Takahashis approach?
read to the third paragraph where she talked about standing post and then stop reading. she was so far off the mark that's not even funny. figure the rest of the stuffs were worthless. her description of standing post (zhan zhuang) to build leg strength and stability missed lots of stuffs. it's about bring the ground to various part of your body through intent. it's about balancing forces in your body through intent. it's about change your body microscopically to deal with external forces through intent. it's about dantien movement through intent. it's about moving lots of stuffs without moving. it's about using breath to condition for full body connectivity. if it's just about leg strengh, i might as well start to do stair master exercises. ya, i stop reading after the intro.

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