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graham christian
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A little story about Ki.

Once upon a time there was harmony. Then came quantity and trouble. During this time zero was wondering what the cause of all this disharmony was.

So zero one day saw the number one crying and asked the number one what it's problem was. Number one explained how it was depressed and felt small and that number two was always putting it down and showing how it will always be greater than one and such was the way of the universe.

On further inspection zero found the other numbers all had the same problem, always feeling less than the 'greater' number. Mmmmmm, but zero never had a problem. Zero felt good about everything. Alas now zero was trying to understand how comes they all had problems and because of that were all trying to use various methods of self improvement or joining together as groups to feel more powerful and 'safe' and yet had lost the way of harmony.

One day zero was passing by number one and number one called out to it. "How comes you're always happy?" it asked. Zero stopped and asked one as to who was the strongest, the greatest, the biggest individual number. "Number nine obviously" said one and added that it was always acting so superior and arrogant. "Is number nine happy and fulfilled?" asked zero. One got confused as it realized nine wasn't and indeed was never satisfied.

At that point one suddenly realized it was actually communicating to zero and realized there was some kind of connection. Zero smiled and recognized one was finally beginning to notice the truth.

"Whasssup?" said zero. "I don't know, it's something about you that seems to make all negativity disappear and me feel better" said one.

Zero explained. "But I am nothing. However all of you somethings came from me and I am always part of you. You cannot measure me as you do each other for I am not a quantity and yet I am truth and so quality. Do you realize that if you as one accept me fully and join with me we you will be one and zero and thus ten times stronger and stronger even than number nine but even then you will be a thousand times stronger than nine for you will be in harmony with yourself?"

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