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graham christian
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Re: Ki energy defined

The other single fundamental principle regarding Ki and in fact necessary for it's use is non resistance. Without non resistance there is no Ki or awareness of Ki.

The fallacy of thinking about Ki from the viewpoint of 'power' and the even more absurd notion of 'explosive power' is merely egotistical 'mind' in action. Yet another false path attracting only fearful or misinformed folk.

Ki is non resistance, Ki is all pervasive, Ki is harmonizing, Ki creates alignment and thus not control, Ki is of the selfless self and thus universal and already connected. Thus it is a discipline to allow rather than to intend and connect ultimately.

Until folk let go of the false albeit alluring definitions and explanations of Ki then it will remain a mystery and be falsely propagated only by those with 'new tricks' based on 'old quotes' and commonly given false ideas.