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graham christian
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Re: Ki energy defined

Ki Defined? Slightly explained maybe. I wish it was more defined for I am yet to find many worthwhile explanations let alone defined.

In fact I would say that when it is understood to a good level only then can you see how ai and Ki and do work as aikido. Only then can you see ueshiba's ai ki has nothing to do with the aiki of daito ryu.

To understand Ki is quite like zen attitude for you must practice letting go of all what you think or have been told about it I would say about 95% of the time.

Been teaching it many many years and thus not surprised or against all those thoughts and chats and 'official' references about it but am merely aware of the general lack of reality on it.

Mmmm, glad you brought this up as a thread. Be interesting to see if some new, good explanations come from it.