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Cady Goldfield
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Re: What is Aiki? Introduction to a method of analyzing Aiki. (Part 3)

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
Apologies, I should have written: "Based on my training, XXX doesn't know what he is talking about" often leads to missing important points."

This is an attitude that most have us have to be aware of, not least me!
Why is it somehow wrong and suspect for a contemporary person who isn't a Big Name to have a valid opinion based on actual experience and skills? I don't mean to sound like I have an "attitude," but aiki really is a definable thing and there is a methodology that people do train in. I can demonstrate what I know and I can describe and teach it. But what Takahashi has written can in no way be said to be instructive or useful in any way, when it comes to understanding what aiki is.

To accept that or not, is everyone's privilege. But it is what it is.
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