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graham christian
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Re: Aikido Paradoxes

1) Life is full of paradoxes. Paradoxes are an illusion.
2) Surrounded by enemies enter and cut. There are no enemies.
3) Nothing can be something and something can be nothing. Nothing can be nothing at all.
4) Power is speed of particle flow. Slow is fast.
5) Keep ma ai. Enter.
6) The soul of the samurai is in his sword. The sharpest blade is the blade of kindness.
7) Aikido is about kazushi and taking balance. Aikido is about restoring balance.
8) Aikido is a martial art. Aikido is a dance of the universe.
9) Pure solid Aikido. Pure emrptiness.
10)O'Sensei taught no structure, no syllabus, no a, b, c, no lesson plans. Many great teachers came from O'Sensei.

Maybe O'Sensei taught the martial art of no martial art based on the sword of no sword via teaching of no teaching?

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