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Re: Fit

This is an interesting read both for the play on the word "fit" and the connotation of "fit" within a progressive ideology of forcing change. Thanks for the post.

For me, my aikido starts with me. If I have my stuff together, then I can express aiki within myself. If I can express aiki within myself, then when someone connects to me, I can express aiki through that connection. My aiki goes south as soon as I try to affect someone.

For me, fitness is a quantification of my ability to adapt to the environment in which I find myself. When I was focused on externalizing change, I found it difficult to affect my partner, especially in a discrepancy of skill. Now, I focus on internalizing change. This is producing a different and real affect on my partner. As the current thread about uke have indicated, aikido is going throw this change directed less at nage "affecting" uke and more at create parallel roles for uke and nage. This is a real problem for me as I realize that aiki is really about me, not my partner. The concept of "affecting" my partner is false and the harder I try to affect my partner, the more difficult it is to do so.

As for Eden, I once heard a sermon summarize Eden as a place that we would only enjoy until we decided there was some place better, whether that place existed or not. Ignorance was the reason Adam and Eve stayed and once they ate from the tree of knowledge...

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