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Practicing Ki is dangerous?!

Hi everyone, I'm new here

I just have practiced Aikido in about a month, and begin to read some book about it. I found that Ki is the essential of Aikido, but in my dojo, my sensei hasn't mentioned much about it.

Once, I asked him about practicing Ki, he said Ki is like Chi Gong - some kind of Chinese martial art focus on breathing - and danger to practice without great instructor. He also said that someone had some kind of mental damage while practicing by himself, before.

But if it's a danger thing why O' Sensei never mention about it. O Sensei said that Aikido can be practiced by anyone, why can a thing like that carry a serious danger?

I really don't know if that man who had the mental damage learn Ki from Tohei's books or elsewhere. But I have some questions still stuck in my mind. What's the different between Ki in Aikido and Chi in Chi Gong? Can I practice Ki by following Tohei's book? Because I don't think I can find someone to teach me about Ki around my place.

P/s: I am sorry about my writing. I'm really not good at english.
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