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Dan Harden & Howard Popkin Aug 9-11 @OCAK

Dan Harden and Howard Popkin in Orange County August 9, 10 & 11

After a short text exchange with Dan this morning and after talking with day attendance will be offered on Saturday only, cost for the one day (Saturday Only) will be $120. As with attendance for the whole weekend, coming only for Saturday will be by individual registration through Dan.

For those who thought to come, but could not clear their calendar for the whole weekend this is a good opportunity for exploring Aiki through the combining of Dan and Howard at one location and time. For those new to Howard Popkin one day would be a good start on getting to know him and his approach through Daito Ryu.

For the Friday evening the training will return to Seal Beach in the sand next to the pier. After training we can move to a local establishment near the pier for a cold one and a "little" conversation. If you have not signed up and plan to, please contact Dan quickly.

For those who need it I will provide direction for both the Friday location and the dojo itself.

Please register directly with Dan Harden at

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