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Re: Like in Water

Hi have a problem with this, sorry.
But we do not train in water because for 99% of people if they need to use aikido will be doing it on tera firma. So is it not time we devotees, and inheritors of the art, to protect and teach the correct form of aikido. Is this not what Morihei Ueshiba states In the DVD The Founder of Aikido, the mission of Aikidoka is to protect and nurture nature in its correct form.
Kuzushi, correct blending, and Kia, with the added element of kokyu which is indispensable in Kuzushi, Awase and Kia, is what makes Aikido work, and what makes it a viable martial art.

All Aikido techniques start with blending movement, Saito sensei has stated this many times. However I have never seen him do this in water.

In Budo,

Andy B

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