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ian wrote:
Cheers Mongo,
I'd heard about defanging the snake, but the person had used it in the context of a bear hug type grab, to loosen their grip. I never realised it could be used against a boxers guard. Have you ever known it working in a real situation? Is it quick and accurate enough?
Greetings Ian,

Defanging the snake has broad applications. The best example I've ever seen was on cops when a SWAT sharp shooter shot and destroyed a guys pistol. The look on the guys face was priceless. You often get that pause and that look of "what the #&!!?" As I stated in my first post, yes I've used this several times. It works really well. As with all techniques though, timing is vital. Don't get caught reaching for it. That's the biggest mistake made. This is real hard to explain without a live demo, but the best time to execute this strike is when uke is either just throwing the punch out or while pulling the arm back, or if uke is trying to cover up after a failed punch. This is because when most boxers strike they tend to turn the hand over, this does not leave the back of the hand open while it's fully extended. (unless of course you're really talented at striking down, which I'm not).

Strikers don't usually consider their weapons (ie. hands) as targets. This is very bad for them and very good for us. My sensei likes doing atemi to certain muscles ( like the biceps) as well. It's really hard to throw a punch (or anything else for that matter) when someone parts your bicep muscles.

In any event, when you face a really good striker there are two rules to keep in mind ;

Rule # 1. You're probably going to get hit.

Rule # 2. See rule number one.

The idea is to dictate where and when you get hit. Also, it's how you react to getting hit that will determine whether you become just another statistic or not.......

Dan P. - Mongo
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