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Kenneth King wrote: View Post
Static stretching before a work out can be dangerous. It is important to warm your muscles up before stretching. Even the U.S. army revamped their physical training manuals and daily exercises to do light warm ups instead of stretching before a work out. Cool downs now consist of stretching to lengthen the muscles and tendons after the work out. This change was made in order to reduce the number of injuries sustained during physical training after careful study over many years. Science doesn't lie, whether or not you choose to accept is another story.
Before the revamp they were right and after they are right and when the next phaze comes along they will be right too.

Not stretching can be about that? That's actually more true.

So saying something CAN be doesn't mean it is. Drinking water CAN be dangerous.

With common sense introduced then there would only be one rule...stretch when necessary. Obviously big brother feels the need to tell you whats right and wrong and thus gives such rules.

Another basic is what do you mean by warm up? Stretching is or should be part of warm up. So once again it's down to knowing why? and how? It's not down to you musn't.

Plus why would someone stretch a muscle? Who said you must stretch muscles? Once again if that is a view that you have been using no wonder it all went pear shaped.

No doubt some expert and indeed 'fad' emerged along the way and everyone followed it and then further down the line noticed the damage and then went back to the same old experts and come up with a new fad. Then further down the line it's noticed damge occuring due to not doing so and then back to the drawing board.

There is more damage done by not stretching than by stretching so it's best to look at that.

Stretching IS warming up the tendons. Stretching is warming up therefor. Using the muscles is warming up the muscles. It's all warm up. It's all common sense.

The key is actually very simple and as yet I don't see anyone pointing it out. Why? Maybe it's too obvious. I have heard experts explain what they mean to do with stretching and it's possible adverse effects and why? and it's all to do with a simple thing yet most seem to disregard that important obvious thing and jump on some imaginary bandwagon reinforced by some new rules or orders.

The simple thing the 'researchers' originally were stating was that you should exercise or warm up or stretch only those parts which were going to be used. Simple.

A gun slinger may stretch his fingers or shake his hands first. Simple.

A golfer does a few practice swings first. Simple.

Wrist stretching exercises are well worth it if you are going to receive some kotegaishi. Simple.

The point is to remove tension and tightness. That's the whole point of warm up and stretching. That's the whole point in life too which is done naturally by you, animals and anyone you meet in everyday life anywhere on the planet. Common sense.

Expertise isn't the problem. Scientists isn't the problem. Scholars isn't the problem. Foolowing such at the expense of common sense is the problem.

Even formula one cars go through a warm up, exercising the parts which are going to be in play.

Geeze...people love demonizing things.

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