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Re: Suwari Waza

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
There's quite a lot of science showing that static stretching isn't what people used to think it was - here's a brief summary of the issues:

As for diet not being in his field of expertise, I agree - orthopedics wasn't either.

More movement on the knees means more stress less movement means more stress. The type of movements you see also tend to be different in more modern Aikido - many more turning and spinning movements.


Those articles abt. stretching are to me mainly just another example of scholarly nonsense and result in statements like you gave in the previous post ie: that it does nothing at best and harm at worst'.

The only other thing I can see is that otherwise it's down to people not even understanding what was originally said or found and thus loads of experts start appearing with stuff like you reference above. The first thing on that list says even stretching is not necessary at all complete with examples of those who 'don't do it'. Well if you wan't to believe that you will believe anything is how I look at it.

After reading or using computer or many things done in a bent or uncomfortable position a person then stretches. You yawn and stretch, there's hundreds of times a person stretches and all to a better condition as a result. So that so called 'mindblowing data about stretching' is nothing of the sort and only needed for those who believed stretching did something it didn't do, in other words misinformed people. It does not equal stretching is bad or harmful in any way and such statements to me are usual stupidity used just to get attention like a newspaper headline. Just like anything else including drinking water...doing it the wrong way or too much etc. is harmful.

Plus perspective....have you seen damage done by not stretching? I have. Boy are people gullible. A good article would merely say what the purpose of stretching is, the why? the ways, the benefits, etc. and then any intelligent person could see when it was necessary and also which stretching wasn't. Simple.

Many more turning in modern Aikido on the knees? Well I can assure you that stress on the knees has nothing to do with turning or less turning so your theory is misinformed. In fact the whole view of suwariwaza and knees given on here is false. Japanese seiza translated means sitting. Have you ever wondered why? Why isn't it called kneeling? Suwariwaza should have nothing to do with knees so the focus on such shows me a lack of reality.

So 1) Suwariwaza, whether with lots of turning or very little turning has nothing to do with stress on knees.
2) Believing it does leads people to believe they are doing things from the knees and thus just makes their 'problem' worse.

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