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Re: Two Hundred and Thirty-two

Conrad Gustafson wrote: View Post
...but I'm wondering if your atemi would really be felt "long before the blow arrives" in a full-speed application.
(I'm sure you know that I'm not using the word 'felt' in the sense that uke physically feels anything before the blow arrives. No Ki balls here.) That said...

I doubt it Conrad. But even at my slightly advanced age, I still have respectably quick hands, and going full bore there isn't much for uke to notice before the blow arrives. Still, I've been told by people I train with that they definitely feel something coming at them before they notice there's a blow on the way.

Conrad Gustafson wrote: View Post
In practice, we want our uke to be sensitive enough to react in advance as if the atemi is definitely going to hit them if they don't respect it and move.
What I am working towards is getting exactly that reaction from uke, regardless of how sensitive uke is and whether or not it's a practice situation.

Thanks for your observations.


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