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Re: aikido in your country's language

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I've become one of those "breathing through ones toes (actually it's the sole of the front foot)"-type over the years.
It's refreshing.

I assume you wear special wooly socks for these techniques ?

To be honest nothing in the name of Aikido surprises me anymore - Aikido to music - wooly hats - Aikido with multi-coloured ribbons - teachers asking students to bring apples to the dojo so they can knock them off each others heads with their Ki - Ki teachers that can knock students off their feet from a distance of 20 feet with a ``Ki Blast `` maybe he was wearing your socks ????

I actually did have a student join my dojo, he said his teacher had said that in the next lesson he was going to teach them to breath through their toes - he decided it was time to move on.

Henry Ellis
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