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Re: There Are No Shortcuts

Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
Although it took me 20+ years to figure it out. The shortcut is to apply the basic laws of physics and apply it to every movement, every technique, every principle. The thing is 99% don't understand physics but if you do, most of the movements relate to how you apply the concept of the physical laws to the principles. If you understand this then the rate of learning can be multiplied vs the traditional learning of just muscle memory.
Yes and no.

In an obvious sense the laws of physics are just there, whether you know what they are or not. Of course, on a basic level you can try to fight them - the obvious examples are when you try to use force to resist force, or if you try to block an attack from a much stronger and bigger person.

My teacher keeps asking me to explain his aikido in terms of physics - "Alex, you doctor of physics, you MUST understand this!". I have been struggling with this for years, to his evident frustration. I have come to the conclusion that on a basic level, the best way to comply with the laws of physics is to relax, and keep a comfortable and stable posture. Oh, and move at a right angle to your partner's strongest direction. But he says all these things already...

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