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Re: aikido in your country's language

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
At last:
Every phrase given in this thread to "rename" aikidō - also yours, Mary, and Ron's - can mean/describe a different budō also or simply a certain way of life. None of them exclusively describes what aikidō is - in my eyes.
Carsten -

Unfortunate that you can't see the alternate usage of the word rename (translate) because you are missing the point of the thread. No one is looking to rename Aikido in the sense of "let's not use the word Aikido any more let's say ... instead." You and others have chosen to zero in on a single word in the OP and use your interpretation of its usage in order to prove a point. Others, Henry Ellis in particular, saw the point immediately and responded in a way that furthers the discussion as it was originally intended.

Rupert -

Thanks for your feedback. Your insistence that Aiki cannot be translated is just a way of metaphorically putting your head in the sand and making believe the discussion isn't there. Words aren't useless, they are tools for understanding. This is a discussion board, not the mat. It's a place where words are used in order to further understanding of this art that we all practice.


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