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Re: Aikido as an educational system

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Flipping that round then and thinking about Aikido from a self-defence point of view, is the same true in cases of assault? Would an extremely violent attack overcome Aikido in the street, even when used by someone of many years training and experience? What are the connections (if any) between the limitations of Aikido as an educational system of moral behaviour and the limitations of Aikido as self-defence?
In the UK there is a true story of a creditable 6th dan, who was / is the head of his own organisation, he had a confrontation with a 16 yr old boy in his home town - the boy left him totally battered in the street, his Aikido did not work in the street. I don't know how the confrontation came about ? - Maybe the Sensei told the boy that Aikido was love, or maybe he offered him the other cheek, that would probably upset the lad.
A bit rough all those years of training and harmonising to get filled in by a schoolboy.

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