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Re: Religion....No Competition.

Yup, I do loves me some good Hitch. Drunk as a bi.., ooh shouldn't say that, ok, a very drunk person, pissed in every sense of the word, completely mangling his lapel mic, extemporizing the way no other human could, unkempt beautiful Hitch.

A very kind couple of dojomates gave me his book Mortality as a good test gift a week before my nidan exam. I immediately read the first chapter, then put it away for when I had earned the gift.

Hitchen's rhetoric was a bit like I want my aikido to be, apparently sloppy but stealthily sharp, way over the top irimi, witty, and hopefully beautifully, incredibly human, honest, and real in the end.

Check out his answer to Dennis Prager's "test question" for atheists.

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
A very good question!

there is an excellent debate to be seen and heard between Tony Blair and Christopher Hitchens:

The motion is that "Religion is a force for good in the world"

This particular clip doesn't seem to have the final result attached, I have seen it elsewhere and Hitchens managed to sway the audience heavily to oppose the motion.

Blair is a consumate orator and a worthy spokesman for the religious argument, as much as I personally dislike the man for his actions whilst in office, you can't take away from him his forceful arguments. However, He is no match for Hitchens' humanity, reason, intelligence and brilliantly stated case. It is worth watching just for his opening 7 minutes, which brilliantly sums up why there is no chance of peace in the middle east, any time soon.

As far as I can see, the major religions are pretty much all competitive and exclusive and will remain so. I was under the impression that Buddhism is not a religion as there is no god to have faith in to start with.

And reading the debate on the thread here, competition is alive and well as usual.


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