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Re: Religion....No Competition.

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Hey, welcome to the madness Good video by the way. Competing ideas. I find the subject called debating flawed though for as he describes in the beginning it itself is a competition with the rules of destroying the oppositions points.
Really? Never having been on a debate team, I can't say, but I always thought the goal was to offer the more persuasive argument. Destruction seems beside the point.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
I'll let you into a little secret when it comes to folk asking or even telling me Buddhists don't believe in God.
I don't believe that was the statement, but I suppose it could be construed that way. The way that I'd describe Buddhism is as a philosophy and set of spiritual teachings and practices that do not address the question of whether or not there is a god, much less what its nature might be. Maybe because questions of the existence and nature of God are so central to the Big Three, those of us coming from a Big Three-dominated culture tend to see this as essential to a religion: different religions come up with different answers, but that's the question they all focus on. As Buddhism doesn't, maybe it's a religion and maybe it's not, but it seems to me fundamentally different than what we usually call "religion".
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