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Re: Proper way to tie an aikido obi?


I had this problem for the longest time where my obi was being undone during every class. very embarassing. Once I had my belt undone during grading. I found a very secure way to tie the obi and never had the problem again.

A. I found a secret to avoid crossing at the back.

1. find the middle of the belt
2. place middle of belt in hara
3. wrap around once. here you would have 2 layers with the belt ends on TOP of the 1st wrapped layer.
4. the RIGHT belt end (which is on now on top), put it underneath the 2nd layer. so the right belt end would now be underneath as the 2nd layer and the 2nd layer would now be on top.
5. adjust the back so both layers are flush.(ie no cross)
6. insert LEFT belt end underneath the right 2 layers to prepare for knot.

B. Special knot.

1. you have the left belt end now sticking on top of your right side now after doing A. and right belt end sticking below to your left.
2. create an OPEN loop by returning Left belt end and inserting it in the middle of 2 belt layers towards the left. The loop should be wide enough for you to insert the right belt end.
3. Insert the right belt end in the open loop you created but you also need to insert this end between the 2 belt layers towards the right as you close the knot.
4. Tighten the knot. The 2 belt ends would now be sandwiched between the 2 belt layers plus they are supported by a knot.

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