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Re: Greetings from México!

I would say "Supplies"
Welcome to Aikiweb - hope you give yourself plenty of time to heal up and have a wonderful time in Japan!

Mike Pinzas wrote: View Post
Hello to you all, i'm from México and i've been practicing aikido for three months, altough i'm resting this last month because of an injury in my lower back, nothing serious fortunatedly, but painfull nontheless. I'm going to visit japan this 22th of Juy, arriving Tokyo for 3 days,then Kyoto for another 3 days and Osaka for 2 more days before returning to Tokyo for one last day before departing.

I will be looking to buy a quality Gi, but i don't know where and i'd like some recomendations, also i have a couple of questions, do you recomend that i post in General section? or Open Disscusion ?

Janet Rosen
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