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Re: Aikido for all or one...

Thank you for all your advice. Interesting enough my Sensei brings in many different Shihan for seminars with many different takes on our style of Aikido. Many of them are vastly different in their waza and outlook. So he encourages us to learn from these teachers but of course they are from our organization. So I think there is a form of control for the students to follow our "leader" of the organization and others who follow him as well. I find it interesting that my Sensei encourages to learn different ways of doing things yet other martial arts and organizations are taboo. I have been practicing for a while now and can see the weaknesses of only practicing our style.
Another conundrum is one of the groups I would like to practice with requires you to become a member of their organization, So in turn I would be a member of two "rival" groups. I am not sure if anyone has done that before. To many it may seem like a bad idea but in my quest for knowledge I am really wanting to try this. I am sure my Sensei would not like this very much.
I think talking to him is a good idea but I know it would be strongly discouraged to train in anything else. He is clear this "this" is the best style so why train in anything else. If I was told no then what? I keep deeply thinking about this and am really troubled by this situation.
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