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Sean Moffatt
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Ok, ok, fine. Is anyone else getting a migraine? When it is time for me to lead, I will endeavor to bring Aikido back to the correct path (Correct Path? Boy, I'm asking for it there). But until then I'll just train in Aikido and whatever arts I feel will fill any holes.

Eugene, go to Japan, live like a pauper, and train your ass off. Then after years of training, open a school (here in America) and write a book (or make a movie). But until then, less of the talk and more of the walk.

It's my fault to have been sucked into this debate.

By the way, where the hell were you last night, only three other people showed up at Aikido. Judging by the "Last edited by eugene_lo on 10-30-2002 at 08:52 PM

" you had time to at least watch. You don't leave until today.

Remember Sensei's words: "Shutup and train."

Have fun at the Seminar.


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