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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

On trying to come up with the way to make the story about helio's action work...

There is that one way (which I consider a method for the BJJ learning disabled to pull guard), which is the front attack where tori (not for long in that role), with some hold/grip on uke (standard kumikata will work, as would a standard underhook and head clasp, and then they literally jump from the ground and assume the guard posture on the standing "uke."

Yes, if uke's posture is competent, uke immediately becomes tori for daknage. Translated, I jump in your lap and try to squeeze ya to death or submission with my ultra-powerful thigh squeeze, but you just hoist me, since the mechanical advantage is in your favor (unless good kuzushi, I suppose) and dump with impetus on my back, if you're a nice guy. Neck/head if you're irritated.

I find it interesting that the kanji character for kuzushi illustrates a mountain falling on a house.
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