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Re: No Competition in Aikido(excluding Tomiki)

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Mochizuki volunteered to go train with Ueshiba and send monthly reports to Kano. I believe that Tomiki was, indeed, introduced by Hidetaro Nishimura from the Waseda Judo Club.

Daito-ryu claims origins in the ancient art of Tegoi - that art is mentioned in the Kojiki, which is, I believe, the extent of the "connection" (like saying that I'm "connected" with the Bible because I've been to Israel, and Israel is mentioned in the Bible). Daito-ryu as an art is not generally concerned with the Kojiki.


The tegoi indeed. The connection is one given by the Takeda family as their heritage no? Traditional Daito Ryu thus with it's lineage from before sumo to Daito (place of origin) to system. Thus a martial art with divine origins in form so unless you know of a similar martial art practiced by 'Gods' of Judaism or even formed due to the 'gods' then the use of Bible or whatever is not relevant. Applies to some Buddhist arts though no doubt ie: shaolin.

Unless of course you trace some European martial art to it's spiritual beginnings of course.

Daito Ryu is also said to be proudly connected with Kojiki. Maybe it's only westerners who tend to dismiss this.

So was Hidetaru acting on behalf of Kano? Or do you just stop there at that one factor?

As I understand it Kano is even reported to have said Ueshiba's art was 'perfect judo'. I also understand he wanted some of his top students to go learn it. So volunteers or his request although a request by such a man is more like an order.

Also into my reasoning re: Tomiki is the fact of what else Judo did and more importantly Kano did for the future of Judo. His whole aim was for the systematic style teaching and such was the way of his top students like Tomiki. Hence, just like Tohei, Tomiki formulated such an approach he felt would serve better. In fact Kano although admiring Ueshiba virtually 'laughed' at his teaching method.

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