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Re: No Competition in Aikido(excluding Tomiki)

This is getting to be a long thread.
My ha'penneth is this ;
Ueshiba understood the fudged-up tangle that two Aikidoka enmesh themselves into if both are trying to apply Aikido to one another competitively. (CorkyQ educated himself with this as he mentioned.)
It just isn't a satisfying art to apply against itself. It all becomes wrestling, and that's not the desired appearance.
Assymetric application is the key : one attacks, one does Aikido. everything else is delusional.
I believe Ueshiba realised this ages ago and it's ONE of the reasons he forbade competition within Aikido.

( It has been tentatively touched upon that there would be some hypocrisy if one forbade competition and yet still indulged in it in various forms. Well .. duhuh! But let's all be quiet about that, eh? )
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