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Re: No Competition in Aikido(excluding Tomiki)

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
"Tomiki, as I understand it he was 'sent' to Ueshiba to learn Aikido (or aikijutsu) by Kano". No, he wasn't.

The Kojiki tells us the mythological origins of Japan. Is their Genesis book, so generally 'everything' comes from it.

Between Daito-ryu and the Kojiki? Allegedly, the match between Takemikazuchi no Kami and Takeminakata no Kami.

So as I said...from the kojiki. 'Generally' is irrelevant unless you think bull fighting came from Genesis.

You don't think he was sent by Kano....well I do.

Tomiki loved that one on one match as part of judo so it's quite obvious he would see it as beneficial.

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