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Mario Tobias
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Re: There Are No Shortcuts

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Careful. Trying to bring physics and biomechanics into the discussion can get a person in trouble......
sure, but these principles can be explained in laymans terms, no equations, no greeks. I'm just throwing the idea that it is possible to cut down the learning time several fold although at the same time I am also in agreement with the OP. It is up to each one to find their own shortcut since I believe it is possible. I don't believe aikido has something magicky that it cannot be explained.

A lot of people also say that "there are no secrets in Aikido, keiko is the secret". I believe there are "some" secrets to aikido and understanding these basic physics principles is part of the secret. It is a secret until you know otherwise. I don't expect to convince people about so they can either believe/accept or not but this is coming from someone who's experienced struggle and pains to really understand the art.
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