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Re: There Are No Shortcuts

Careful. Trying to bring physics and biomechanics into the discussion can get a person in trouble......

Mario Tobias wrote: View Post
It may surprise you when I say this but there is a shortcut. I kid you not.

Although it took me 20+ years to figure it out. The shortcut is to apply the basic laws of physics and apply it to every movement, every technique, every principle. The thing is 99% don't understand physics but if you do, most of the movements relate to how you apply the concept of the physical laws to the principles. If you understand this then the rate of learning can be multiplied vs the traditional learning of just muscle memory.

For example. The concept of zero work (in physics lingo) can explain why you can be able to use minimal energy in applying a technique. or leverage (which you can apply from the smallest joint such as the thumb to the largest parts such as the shoulder) to offbalance uke. aikiage is such a technique to use the thumb as a lever. changing speed relates to a transition from potential to kinetic energy. there are many others. This was a theory of mine several years back and it was quite successful when I tested it in the dojo since I can prove time and time again that it works with most techniques. I'm not saying I am good but it has helped my understanding considerably such that it has given me a path to start my understanding.

I believe that in every journey there is a long way and there is a short one as well. It maybe just that 99% the majority of us, takes the long one and only a lucky few are just lucky or gifted that they can take the short route. By striving to understand the truth, even those of us who take the long route initially may soon find our own shortcuts which to me is the most exciting part of the journey.
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