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Re: What's in a name? sensei, shihan, etc.

All the teachers I met in Japan from Omura / Shirata / Ueshiba / Shioda / Sugano and even the Soke of a Jujutsu school I studied at were always called sensei. School teachers are also all sensei, and as I was a school teacher at some point, some of my sensei even called me sensei sometimes, which I thought rather funny. I never heard anyone called Shihan until recently, usually when they refer to someone teaching at Honbu. To me it looks like someone made a decision and said hey, make sure to call everyone at Honbu shihan from now on, and so they do.

In Korea, everyone who teaches marital arts is called Sabeom (Shihan), and in ordinary school it would be Seonseng (Sensei).

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