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Re: training in the long haul

As part of many PT tests, participants are tested on their ability to touch their toes from a "cold" stretch. This is a test of your natural range of motion. They have simlar exams for arms, torso, etc. I performed one every session of my knee PT returning from an ACL surgery.

Most of the "cold" stretching with which I am familar surrounds our natural flexibility and is a stimulation of circulation as we prepare our bodies for activity. I am personally not familar with a method of "cold" stretching intended to increase flexibility. My experience with gain stretching is that activity is intended for a period during which your muscles already have circulation and you are "warmed up". In many cases, the micro abrasion is intended to elongate muscle tissue or build muscle tissue (the scarring tissue adds muscle mass and your muscles get bigger).

The idea behind "cold" streching is to become knowledgeable about your body's natural state of flexation. In practice, the idea being the mugger is likely not going to give you time to strech and warm up before chasing you several blocks... Or your 4-year old son deciding to test daddy's back by jumping onto him from the 6th stair. It happens...

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