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Re: What's in a name? sensei, shihan, etc.

Part of it may be a generational thing. When I first moved to the States (from Scotland), I was shocked when first I heard a stranger call my mother by her first name......America was just more informal than Britain was, at the time, anyway.

I gotta admit, that part of me cringes at the more formal parts of any culture. My time in the Army was a real education for me, in this respect, but you get used to it...........Even when I was living in Korea, sometimes I would get irritated by being called something as simple as Jim-san. I knew it was a form of respect, but.... (I just longed to simply hear my name as it was). It was explained to me that the addition of "san" added to my name was to separate me from the animals (perhaps I misunderstood??).

Things change, people change, cultures change, you moves on.


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