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Re: Aikido's Attacks -- Reality and Effectiveness

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the ones that connected and did what it was intended or even unintended. could be a wildly haymaker, straight punch to the kisser, hair jerk from behind, spit in the eye, bump to the rump, kidney shot with the thumb, kicks to the knees, sweep to achilles, hot coffee in the laps, fingers sticking with honey saps, ....

aikido attacks are just reprentation of force vectors to a cylindrical object.
Yes - all those things, but when the intentions of those attacks are "pulled" to avoid injury to nage, the authenticity of the attack is lost.

If you want to see if your uke is maintaining authentic attack energy, stop your aiki in the middle of the action and see if your uke just hangs there in space in some weird awkward position on the verge of being off balance - - or if he immediately regains balance, and his wild haymaker continues through your skull, he punches all the way through your kisser, he jerks your hair until you can feel it coming out of your scalp, he continues to bump your rump, you can feel his thumb pushing into your kidney, you can feel his foot impacting your knee without quitting, he goes all the way through the sweep of the ankle, etc. all of which can be done safely with a lowered intensity.

If he doesn't go down from his own attack, then he will reach and impact his target or feel resistance to the attack. If he does go through the attack to its final conclusion, then I rely on my attacking partner to give me honest, informed feedback as to whether he felt forced to fall or whether he felt supported and protected through it. But for me, the most important part of making real progress in this art of harmony is uke's authentic attack intention maintained all the way through the attack, whether I am in the role of nage or uke.
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