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Re: training in the long haul

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Of course, stretching cold before working out has been shown to be useless any athletic endeavor.
With all due respect, every time I have seen a “stretching does not reduce injury study” once I dig a little deeper, they are always talking about runners occasionally triathletes. Now to be fair I’ve only drilled down on five or so (over 7-8 years). Thus for what most of us do the study is irrelevant. We deal in potentially extreme body flexure under load. We deal with ranges of motion the runners and cyclists don’t and our motions are not repetitive cyclic motion associated with long distance events.

With only a minor amount of stretching I dramatically increase my shoulder waist and hip ranges of motion. Give me research on martial artists, dancers, acrobats and gymnasts and I’ll buy it. I buy runners don’t need to stretch to reduce injury, their activity is a mostly a more intense version of what we do every day…walk.
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