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Re: What should I show for an expo

A long time ago, I went to a multi-art demonstration. The other aikido dojo in town was participating, and I wanted to watch. A local kung-fu san soo group that touted itself as a hard core deadly art fighting school dragged out some mats and showed a few sweeps and throws. It was pretty nice, cool stuff, basic controlled takedowns with basic ukemi. The audience clapped appreciatively while the school folded up their mats. Once the gym floor was bare, the aikido school did a rocking randori with much flying fun ukemi while the sensei talked about loving protection, using attackers' energy and conflict resolution. Crowd went absolutely nuts.

Yall's ukemi up for something like that? It was terribly effective.

Seriously, the hapkido school and the systema group are likely going to show much the same stuff as an aikido group would, look for differences and show those. Like Janet said, randori and weapons might give you some unique material. Talking about the history and philosophy of the art as your school practices it may be good.
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