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Re: Aikido's Attacks -- Reality and Effectiveness

"standard" attacks? Suppose shomenuchi, yokomenuchi, katetori, katatetori, munetsuki + attacks from the rear are those I've seen most consistently at different places I"ve trained or visited.
In terms of effective or unrealistic....Is the goal of dealing with the attacks to learn a on-the-street self-defense system or to learn to pattern the body/mind to do aikido?
The reason I am asking this question before proceeding is that an attack like shomenuchi is sometimes ridiculed as "nobody attacks like that;" however, if the principle to be learned is a strong irimi that enters under the sword, then it is eminently practical to practice it over and over.
To me, a "proper" attack is on-target and focused, does not freeze or root once "delivered," and ideally it is suited for nage's level of competence in how hard and fast it is delivered - it should provide enough energy for nage to be able to do the called-upon technique but no so much he is totally overwhelmed and fails every time.

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