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Re: What's in a name? sensei, shihan, etc.

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
"he also added that he worked for a national company and called his CEO `` Bill`` " It's funny because the most authoritarian boss I ever had, whose workers all seemed terrified of him half the time, was the one who preferred the we use his first name and no title. The ones I've had who I spoke to more formally were mostly comparatively more egalitarian .

In any case I tend to find it odd when people are really insistent on calling a person (whether it's a teacher or friend or coworker or boss or whoever) something other than what that person feels most comfortable being called. Assuming you basically respect the person and want to treat them considerately, wouldn't that normally include calling them what they prefer being called?
Dear Basia,
As Henry said Aikido is Budo. Being in an Aikido environment is not the same as being in a golf club, tennis club or in a work environment.In matters of addressing the teacher I have always used a formal address eg sensei to my teachers.If someone was in the service of Queen Elizabeth would the person be likely to address her as Lizzy/Queenie/Beth or whatever?I hardly think so.Do you think that White House staff call the President Mr President or Obama?
May I also point out that the current Doshu was known as Waka Sensei prior to his fathers demise.Prior to his fathers demise was he addressed by his colleagues as Moriteru??
Cheers, Joe.
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