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at last?

Hi Richard,
I have just started a club up and finding it quite an experience. For one thing my first night saw an attendance of 30 students, most of whom had never seen Aikido, let alone practised it before.

The reason I started teaching was that I have moved around a lot in the UK and the clubs are either non-existant of very small; often leading to them folding. (two clubs I have been in folded). This made me learn one very important thing about Aikido - it isn't for you and your friends to train, its for everyone; so advertise.

I also have a question to put to you. I do not like to enforce philosophical, religious or ethical ideas on people and believe the real truth is through experience. How can I be sure that all my students are developing in the spirit of Aikido without ramming it down their throat or spending a session waffling? They all seem pleasant enough at the moment but I do worry about martial arts being used for inappropriate purposes. Do you have any exeriences of roguish practisioners and how you deal with them?
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