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Re: No Competition in Aikido(excluding Tomiki)

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Not sure where you get the idea that these techniques come from Judo. In the broader sense there are no techniques in Aikido that are not found somewhere else in the realm of jujutsu but what Tomiki did do is bring back some of those techniques into Judo via the Goshin no Kata. Those were clearly derived from Aikido.
"Kano composed many kata in Kodokan judo from old jujitsu. One of these, Kime no kata, includes techniques that are well known in today's aikido. This suggests that the techniques of aikido are basically the same as the techniques of jujitsu……..When Kano visited the dojo in Mejirodai in 1930 and saw Morihei Ueshiba do aikido, he said it was the ideal budo, i.e. judo. He understood it as part of judo because Ueshiba's Daito-ryu was part of jujitsu and judo was created through the development of jujitsu. It was like finding a treasure. In those days jujitsu had almost disappeared, so Kano was very glad to see Ueshiba's aikido. He sent Minoru Mochizuki and Jiro Takeda to Ueshiba's dojo on his behalf and studied Ueshiba's techniques in (the) Kodokan. His attitude was amazing -- he researched and scientifically analysed all sorts of techniques. As a result, he not only developed judo but handed down for posterity the essence of traditional jujitsu."

- Aikido Tradition and the Competitive Edge by Fumiaki Shishida and Tetsuro Nariyama

So Kano incorporated Daito ryu techniques into judo, later Tomiki added more into judo from his study of aiki-jujitsu under Ueshiba from around 1925 and then Tomiki took some of those techniques to form his style of aikido much later.

The point being is that the techniques of aikido are not significantly different to judo techniques and that as shiai or hard randori are necessary to develop effective judo techniques, so too are shiai or hard randori necessary to develop effective aikido techniques, in a modern environment.
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