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Re: Post Modern Aikido?

Corky Quakenbush wrote: View Post
I know that Mark will always find his way to sharing his knowledge, and hopefully his dilemma will direct him to an even greater understanding of aikido that he can then share with us to enrich our experiences!

Can you imagine the aikido between the woman you described and her teacher boyfriend at home? Lol...
They're a great couple actually. He was a karate man prior to Aikido. She was and still is an estate agent but she wasn't one for arguments or drama or even being dominant, she just had no time for nonsense. If she had done Aikido I would say she would have been great with the sword, that kind of demeanor.

And there's more......they wanted a baby but couldn't. After tests found that she couldn't. We advised go for second opinion and still it was given as unfortunately no. She wouldn't have it. She was sure we could help. We all 'felt' she could. So my friend Bob took over and gave Kiatsu and put her on a vitamin and change diet regime. Lo and behold of course she did. He saw her recently and the boy who is now 12 years, time flies. So there you are, one of the people I've been impressed by in Aikido who didn't even do Aikido. (Techniques, anyway)

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